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White Widow Terpene Profile Wax Liquidizer (Hybrid)

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This balanced hybrid offers a pungent and earthy flavor with notes of citrus, spices, and herbs.

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“Love the skunkiness!”
Matthew R.
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Flavor Profile

White Widow

What's in the bottle?

Incredible Flavor - No CBD or THC

This White Widow terpene profile is made from 100% botanically-derived terpenes. It is natural, organic, vegan, and non-GMO. It does not contain propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin. 100% legal worldwide. The scent/flavor matches the strain precisely. Use between 0.1 and 0.5 ml of terpenes per gram of extract or concentrate.

At East Coast Terpenes, we’ve created the purest, highest quality strain-specific terpenes for your extracts and concentrates. Our proprietary formulas aren’t available anywhere else. No matter what you mix with our terpenes , you’ll only need a drop to add powerful flavors and aromas, to your products.

This product does not contain CBD, THC, or vitamin E.

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History of This Profile

The renowned breeder and founder of Green House Seed Company, Shantibaba, was vacationing when he found the mother plant, a Brazilian sativa. He then sourced a South Indian, indica-dominant hybrid near the mountains of Kerala. Shantibaba created the hybrid strain in Amsterdam in the early 1990s. The buds of White Widow appear paler than many other strains (even when ready to harvest) and create tiny crystals that resemble sugar. These unique traits led to its name. The legendary strain is so popular that people used it to breed several other potent strains, including White Rhino and Blue Widow.

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NO Vitamin E

Our products are designed with your health in mind. We never use vitamin E.

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