Mixing Instructions

Follow these steps to mix any of our products with your extracts and concentrates.

Step 1: Shake or stir the terpene solution for five seconds

Our terpene profiles are custom made to create powerful flavors, aromas, and effects. To ensure you get the perfect consistency, give your bottle a few good shakes before mixing with your extract or other products. Our terpenes are quite fluid, so you won’t need to shake them much.

Step 2: Add one gram of your preferred extract to the mixing vial.

We recommend starting with one gram of your extract before mixing larger quantities. This is so you can get your proportions right with a small quantity. Otherwise you might waste some of your extract.

Important note: The mixing vial included in our 6-piece tool kit only holds about a gram of extract with terpenes. If you want to mix more than that, you’ll need to use a larger mixing container.

Step 3: Add between 0.1 ml and 0.5 ml of the terpene solution to the mixing vial according to your desired consistency.

We strongly recommend starting with 0.1 ml of terpenes before moving upward. Our terpenes are exceptionally potent, so don’t go overboard. That said, many people enjoy powerful flavors, aromas, and effects, so feel free to experiment.

Step 4: Heat mixing vial with lighter or torch and stir gently for five seconds or until mixture begins to flow smoothly.

Once you have your extract and terpenes in the vial, heat it gently for a minute with your lighter and then stir with a stirring tool. (There’s one provided in the Terpene Essentials 7-Piece Kit.) Aim for a consistency that’s almost as thick as molasses.

Step 5: Inject your mixture into an empty cartridge.

If you’re using one of the cartridges provided in the 6-piece tool kit, fill it up to the first O-ring. If you’re using your own cartridge or other device, just make sure you don’t overfill. Keep the solution below any threads or seals.

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