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luidity Liquidizer Organic Vegan

Get the perfect consistency with Fluidity Extract Liquidizer

$8.80 + (20% DISCOUNT)

Fluidity liquidizes all types of extracts, oils, waxes, shatters, and rosins into flowing oil. Mixes great with terpenes. Odorless, flavorless, organic, and natural. It’s the perfect way to achieve the right consistency and balance flavor in your concentrate

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terpene essentials 6-piece tool kit

Mix your concentrates and extracts properly with an Essentials 6-Piece Tool Kit

$7 +

Mixing our products with your oils, rosins, shatters, and waxes should be easy! This 6-piece tool kit includes everything you need to liquidize your extracts: stainless steel mixing tool, mixing vial, measuring pipette, coil cartridge, and syringe with blunt tip.